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Convalescent Care

Following illness or injury, you may need care and support to help you regain your independence in your home. We support our customers who require Reablement services, for example, following a stay in hospital when you require support through your transition from hospital to your own home.

Convalescent Live In Care is different to traditional home care services; our Kulera Care  teams are trained with specific skills to encourage your return to independence. Our teams are also trained to recognise the emotional impact that illness or injury has on you, your family and friends. We provide focus on your development of robust coping skills for dealing with emotions that Convalescent Care can bring out during recovery, aiming for you to get your confidence and independence back as quickly as possible.

You need someone you can trust, You need Kulera care!

While many older people can’t wait to get back to the comfort of their own homes after a hospital stay, ensuring the right support is in place while they recover can be a worry, especially if you can’t be there yourself.