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Our highly trained Professional Carers have received unrivalled support and guidance as to how to care for their clients during the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure the very highest standards of live-in care are provided to our clients, whilst risks are effectively monitored, managed and controlled.

Live-in care is the safest form of care for the elderly

It can be a very worrying and upsetting time for families when faced with the realisation that a loved one or family member needs long term care and support. As we now face the challenges presented by the prevalence of Coronavirus in our communities, families are facing increasing levels of anxiety and are worried about organising care for a loved one. How can I get the safest care for my loved one? Where is the best place for them to receive care? What happens if they need around the clock care? What happens if my loved one gets Coronavirus?

These are just some of the questions we know families in this situation are asking themselves as they attempt to make the right decision during this
unprecedented time.

Unlike care being provided in a care or nursing home, live-in care provides a safe, secure and controlled way of an elderly loved one receiving the care and support they need during the Coronavirus pandemic. There continues to be more risk involved in the provision of care in a residential care or nursing home given the number of ‘contacts’ between staff and residents and ‘touchpoints’ within a care home environment, which increase chances for transmission and infection. Visiting or hourly home care provided by domiciliary care agencies also presents increased risks given the number of contacts one carer will have during the day with several clients they visit. These risks are significantly reduced with live-in care – and all without having to leave the comfort and reassuring surroundings of your own home.


Why live-in care during the Coronavirus pandemic?

One-to-one care and support around the clock
A care home simply cannot achieve one-to-one care. During the Coronavirus pandemic receiving one-to-one care means that the health and wellbeing of your loved one can be proactively monitored and effectively responded to giving you peace of mind that they are receiving the very best care.